Movie The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Quotes

Rafael Acosta You’re better suited for making love than for making war.


Rafael Acosta Finally, if you think about it, the only solution to starvation and poverty is in the hands of the army. You’ll realize it in Miranda, when you have to open your pretty thighs to an infantry battalion.


Bishop Dufour is being introduced to the ambassador from Miranda.

Bishop Dufour (Julien Bertheau) I’m delighted to meet you. We have an important mission in Bogota.
Rafael Acosta Bogota is in Colombia.
Bishop Dufour That’s right, Colombia. Sorry, I got mixed up. I’ve never been to Miranda, but I hear it is a magnificent country: the Great Cordillera, the pampas…
Rafael Acosta The pampas are in Argentina, monsignor.
Bishop Dufour The pampas. Of course. I should’ve known that. Recently I saw a book on Latin America. There were photos of your ancient pyramids.
Rafael Acosta Our pyramids? We have no pyramids in Miranda. Mexico and Guatemala have pyramids. We don’t.
Bishop Dufour You’re sure?
Rafael Acosta Absolutely.


Colonel (Claude Pieplu) Marijuana isn’t a drug. Look at what goes on in Vietnam. From the general down to the private, they all smoke.

Mme. Thevenot As a result, once a week they bomb their own troops.

Colonel If they bomb their own troops, they must have their reasons.

Henri Senechal Any news from Miranda?

Rafael Acosta Yes.
Henri Senechal The situation?
Rafael Acosta Quite calm.
Henri Senechal And the guerrillas?
Rafael Acosta There are a few left. They are a part of our folklore.
Alice Senechal You have problems with the students?
Rafael Acosta Students are young. They must have some fun.
Mme. Thevenot How’s your government treating them?
Rafael Acosta We are not against the students, but what can you do with a room full of flies? You take a fly-swatter and Bang! Bang!


Colonel I didn’t know that chivalry still existed in your semi-savage country.
Rafael Acosta Sir, you just insulted the Republic of Miranda!
Colonel I don’t give a damn about the Republic of Miranda!
Rafael Acosta And I shit on your entire army!

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