Spring Breaker Movie Quotes

I’m tired of seeing the same thing.
Everybody’s so miserable here because they see the same things every day,
they wake up in the same bed, same houses, same depressing streetlights, one gas station, grass, it’s not even green, it’s brown.
Everything is the same and

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Safe Haven Movie Quotes

I’m in love with you.
I’m in love with you.

And if you stay, I promise…

there’s no safer place in the world
than right here with me.
God, I’m so scared.
I know you are,
but you don’t have to be.
You don’t

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Identity Theif Movie Quotes

Charlie, if you would please put
that phone down while we eat,
I think that would be
the ladylike thing to do.
One second.
So, charlie,
how are you liking los angeles?
I’d tell you,
aunt brenda,
But i’m really not allowed

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Iron Man 3 Movie Quotes

Mandarin : You don’t know who I am. You’ll never see me coming. My soldiers are coming. So run away, hide, because nothing can save you!”Tony Stark: “We’ll see about that

Tony : Things are different now. I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live

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Pain and Gain Movie Quotes

Victor Kershaw: “I’m a self-made man. I made a lot of money.”
Daniel Lugo: “Maybe your self to spend some of it on a salad.”
Victor Kershaw: “You know who invented salad? Poor people.”

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The Great Gatsby Movie Quotes

In my younger
and more vulnerable years,
my father gave me some advice
that I’ve been turning over
in my mind ever since.
“Whenever you feel
like criticizing anyone,”
he told me, “just remember
“that all the people

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The Host Movie Quotes

Our memories are still alive, but we?
Some people will not surrender without a fight.
I just do not give me over, but I never fight like him.
But she fights for him, and certainly for the people she loves.
I am not..
With such love you might play with one mind.

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An Unexpected Journey Movie Quotes -The Hobbit

Good morning.
What do you mean?
Do you mean to wish me a good morning,
or is it a good morning whether I want it or not?
Or perhaps you mean to say that you feel good
on this particular morning?
Or are you simply stating that this is a good morning to be good

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Cowboys and Aliens Movie Quotes

Jake Lonergan: “I woke up in the desert like I’d been dropped out of the sky.”

We have one advantage: They underestimate you

If we don’t stop them, there will be no survivors

Ella: “I need to know where you came from.”
Jake Lonergan:

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Made in Dagenham Movie Quotes

It’s not really their fault. Their parents have invariably never undergone the full rigorous of academic life

Rita…You got heart and…brains

They’re hot pants. They’re Mary Quant’s — Sandra

We’re not playin’ that game…We ain’t your men,

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