Rabbit Hole Movie Quotes

You’re gonna love him.  He’s a really great guy.  He’s a musician!

I told you not to marry an agent.

I’m sorry.  I can’t stand the god-freaks.  You know that.

And it just starts all over again.  We just have to remind each other  that it was just part of God’s  plan.  And we can’t know why.  Only
God can know why.

I will become a fish in a trout stream and I will swim away from you

Isn’t this nice?  Sitting around  talking politics?  I never do this.   It’s a nice change — Nat

You know what I wish?  I wish you would stop comparing Danny to Arthur!  Danny was a four-year-old boy who chased his dog into the street!  Arthur was a thirty-year- old heroin addict who OD’d!  Frankly I resent how you keep  lumping them together! — Becca

Well if today is rage day, most of  you know that I am a little more comfortable with rage. Talking  about rage. I deal with rage every single day. And I listen to these guys at work, and they go on and on about paving their driveways, or whatever, just the most stupid nonsense. They don’t know. They haven’t had their lives ripped apart yet. — Bob

And I want that dog back.  Your mother’s making him fat. — Howie

I’d be doing better but your pot messed up my depth perception. — Howie

Only people without children give gifts like this. — Becca

And you suck up all my coffee, and I don’t see you leaving with any of this grief you’re allegedly sharing with me.  In fact the only thing you do take outta here are my cinnamon buns — Nat

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