Afgani Proverbs – Afghan Sayings

Cats don’t catch mice to please Khuda(God).

Even the Judge was drunk when the wine was free.

He reckons his importance by the elephant-load.

A frog hopped onto a wall and cried, ‘I can see Kashmir!’.

The wood is burnt, but the ashes are a nuisance.

While the butchers were arguing, the cow dropped dead.

A sandal is not a shoe; a cap is not a turban.

Heed the troubadour, burn the dinner.

The yellow dog is brother to the wolf.

A lame crab walks straight.

You can beat anyone if you have a golden slipper.

He saved his ears, but lost his head.

An intelligent enemy rather than a foolish friend.

When an ant says ‘ocean’, he’s talking about a puddle.

When the hen gets fat, she stops laying.

Not cheap without reason, nor dear without value.

It may smell like a melon, but is it going to make you sick?

If you want to keep camels, have a big enough door.

Don’t show me the palm-tree, show me the dates.

Learning makes some into Mullahs and some into devils.

Go out from your village: don’t let your village go out form you.

If the master gnaws bones, what will he give the dog?

In the shop of the sightless jeweller, the ruby and pebble are one.

A mother and daughter fought, and fool thought they meant it.

The crow is clever, but look at what it eats!

Grumbling and carping are the muscles of the weak.

The night may be dark, but the apples have been counted.

Your aspirations are in heaven, but your brains are in your feet.

The mud of one country is the medicine of another.

A stick for the nobody, a hint for the nobleman.

No deceit, no merchant.

Same donkey, different saddle.

Heaven is dark and yet out of it streams clear water.

First food, then religion.

The world lives on hope.

Blood cannot be washed out with blood.

There is a way from heart to heart.

They asked the fox, “Who is your witness?” He said, “My tail.”

A wolf’s pup will grow into a wolf even though it be raised among men.

There is a path to the top of even the highest mountain.

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