Mongolian Proverbs Sayings

A good proverb stikes the eye,
not the eybrow.

The mountain falcon flies high;
The wiseman’s son speaks in

Without council there is no
Without praise no heroes.

Wealth – until the first snowstorm;
Hero – until the first bullet.

The path to Buddhahood has five stages;
Vows, meditation, knowledge, understanding of one’s
nature, and release.

Fame, like the wind, spreads quickly.

One peaceful yurt –
And incentive to the others.

A rich man can find heaven
Even at the edge of a precipice.

Horns are not given to the butting cow.

When profit comes, it comes with a delay.

In the lazy man’s yurt there is no firewood;
In the glutton’s yurt – no food.

In the country of the blind, close your eyes.
In the land of the lame, walk pigeon-toed.

If you become a camel, they’ll put a load on your back.

The rope breaks when it is thinnest.

Ride on the back of a calf – you’ll never reach the
nomad camp.
Read stories – you’ll never have wisdom.

Water flows from its source to the sea;
Evil acts return to the doer.

Vodka destroys everything but its container.

Man knows the wolf, but the wold doesn’t know the man.

The thief shouts too,
But he walks backwards.

At the moment of death, seek
no aid except in religion.

Plant only one seed of virtue;
Much fruit will be harvested.

A thief hates the moonlight;
An evil man hates a just one.

The thief commits one sin (when he steals).
The owner of stolen camals commits ten sins (by suspecting others).

Stealing will not make you rich;
Lying will not make you a Buddha.

A time will come when even an old widow can help you.

The sun illuminates the world;
Knowledge illuminates a man.

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