Emily Osment Quotes

here are some selected quotes from Emily Osment

Toronto always feels like home. Maybe I’m a moose, or secretly made of maple syrup..or maybe I just spend a ridiculous amount of time here.

Nothing new is sweeter than with you.

She finds that all she needs is. In Her. Heart. She lifts up.

Don’t leave me high. Don’t leave me dry.Emily Osment Quotes

The choice is YOURS to be loved.

I don’t wish on the stars, I wish on the universe. Better odds.

Sometimes all you need is the use of an irrelevant word like “plontoon” to completely obliterate arguments and shatter them into laughter.

I sometimes find that those whose hearts hum the loudest whisper love the softest.

Dear Boy, Never grow roots, so I can always be your feathers.

When it gets a hold of me, I’m the place you wanna be.

My love runs the distance

Time it was and what a time it was it was,A time of innocence a time of confidences

It feels so good to run. runrunrunrunrun

If you could save me from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they could never love anyone

they say your attitude determines your latitude

“Pick up your swords and open your eyes. Pick up the pieces and pick your own side”.

Fill yourself with dreams. Fill yourself with dreams. Come fill yourself with dreams.

“The world’s a roller coaster and I am not strapped in, maybe I should hold with care but my hands are busy in the air sayin iwishuwerehere”

“I would hold someone and love someone until the stars fell out of the sky, then id cover them with my own body to make sure they were safe”

We’ll be the same tomorrow ’cause we’ve all been painted by numbers

You make my heart hum 🙂 …….on second thought, I should probably get that looked at.

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  1. ryesha jones says:

    why do people have to die why cant we just get broken arms or legs :,( r.i.p devaunte’ patterson!!

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