Veronica’s Closet Quotes

Pepper: There are no winners or losers, just even steveners.

Perry: I’m shakin’, I’m bakin’.
Josh: I’m stealin’, I’m scorin’.

Olive: Here are some things single women do not want to hear:

1. You know those plans we had tonight? Well I’m blowing you off because I met this guy.
2. I met this guy, so I won’t be hanging out with you tonight.
3. There’s this really cute guy and so I don’t think…

Josh: Adieu, Adieu to you and you and you.

Perry: Double or nothing.
Josh: All right, but if you keep going like this you’re going to be on the cover of “Getting Your Ass Kicked” magazine.

Perry: Maybe I could clean your apartment for a month.
Josh: My apartment’s clean enough, thank you and quite frankly I’m afraid you’ll track your failure all over my carpet.

Veronica (speaking of flowers she was sent): They’re from that little worm who’s still calling himself my husband.
Josh: Well put them together with the worm who calls himself your ex-husband and you almost have a bag of bait.

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