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veritas vos liberabit
The truth shall make you free

Opposites are cured by opposites

It is easier to pull down than to build up.

dum spiro, spero
While I breathe, I hope

Orbis non sufficit

the world is not enough.

fiat justitia, ruat caelum
let justice be done, even though the heavens fall

Mal Pericolosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitum “Better Liberty with Danger, than Peace with Slavery

ad astra per aspera
To the stars through difficulties

Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even.

dum loquimor fugerit invida aetas
Even as we speak, time speeds swiftly away (Horace)

The deepest rivers flow with the least sound.

Eggs today are better than chickens tomorrow

caveant consules ne quid detrimenti respublica capiat
Beware consuls that the commonwealth is not harmed

dum vita est spes est

While there’s life, there’s hope

Nunquam oporta inculpatus cruento effundo” -Never Shall innocent blood be shed

bono vinci satius est quam almo more iniuriam vincere
A good man would rather suffer defeat than defeat another by foul means (Sallust)

amare et saper vix deo conceditur
Even a god finds it difficult to love and to be wise at the same time

adhibenda est in iocando moderatio
One should employ restraint in his/her jests (Cicero)

de gustibus non est disputandum
In matters of taste, there is no argument

Veni, Vedi, Vechi – I came, I saw, I conquered -Julius Ceasar

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