Grant Morrison Quotes

Grant Morrison:

Whatever you do, make sure you go right to the top, because you sure as hell cant
piss upwards on people.
Grant Morrison

I had a nervous breakdown to fulfill a neurotic writer archetype my educational
system had sold me.
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series II

No matter how shitty things are, you can always get a song out of it.
Grant Morrisons Flex Mentallo

Who needs girls when youve got comics
Grant Morrisons Flex Mentallo

Sometimes I could just scream. Never do though, maybe I should.
Grant Morrisons St. Swithins Day

Reality and unreality have no clear distinction in our present circumstances.
Grant Morrisons Doom Patrol

Stop being frightened. You only see a monster because they want you to see
monsters everywhere. Theyve conditioned you to look for monsters in every shadow,
every coat hung on every door. As long as we keep seeing monsters, well continue to
need protection and thats how other people get to control our lives.
Grant Morrisons Doom Patrol

The only way to stop being bored is to do something interesting. Or criminal. These
days it comes to the same thing. Lets do it now.
Grant Morrisons Kill Your Boyfriend

The more I think about it, the more I realize that schools are just factories for turning
out robots, thats all. They get you when your small and vulnerable and they take all
the human parts away, bit by bit, until youre just a wind-up toy. Turn the key and set
it running. And the toy goes to university, gets a job, settles down with someone
Grant Morrisons Kill Your Boyfriend

Its so horrible to realize youre just the same as everyone else, isnt it
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series II

“The world gets more like Disneyland every day, and it’s the same the other way
round. I can’t explain what I know. Try explaining RED to a DOG and see how fast he
gets bored.”
Grant Morrison’s Invisibles: Series III

We have to steal back the hallucination, as a rich friend of mine once said.
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series III

Were stuck in a thought, right weve been thinking it so long weve forgot when
you stop thinking it, you see it for what it is and you can start thinking better
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series II

A bullet in the right place can change the world.
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series III

“What do people do when they know they’re on camera They ACT! That’s why the
world’s turning into a science fiction movie. Surveillance makes us all into stars. The
world’s a set and the cameras are everywhere as Aliester Crowley wrote in Liber Al,
chapter one!! As confirmed by the Kabbalah!”
Grant Morrison’s Invisibles: Series III

Remember its all just a mirror we made to see ourselves in.
Grant Morrisons Invisibles: Series III

Dont think for yourselves! Think for God! Lets start making that motherfuckers
decisions for him, huh
Grant Morrisons And Were All Police Men

I joined the army because my father made me feel impotent and vulnerable. My
self-esteem was so low that in order to find any security at all I required the
simultaneous physical empowerment and psychological castration that military
training entails.
I still submit to strong authority figures whom I simultaneously hate, respect, and
cringingly obey, but now I can vent my frustration and envy in a culturally-approved way
against the currently designated opponents of my governments ideology!
Be like him! Join the army, for Gods sake!

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