Bonnie Hunt Bio

Bonnie Lynn Hunt

Born: September 22 1960 something .

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Husband: John Murphy, Investment Banker, married July 2, 1988 (separated in 2006)

Father: Bob Hunt, self taught Electrician.
Died when Bonnie was 18.
Mother: Alice Hunt
Brother: Tom Hunt
Brother: Kevin Hunt
Brother: Patrick Hunt
Sister: Carol
Sister: Kathy
Sister: Mary (younger)

Religion: Irish Catholic

St Ferdinands
Notre Dame High School for Girls ‘ 79
Degree in nursing
Second City Chicago: Improv

Actor, director, writer, producer sign

Dairy Queen 1977
5636 W. Irving Park Rd
On 11/16/1995 Bonnie went back to the Northwest Side Dairy Queen where she had worked as a teenager as a remote for The Bonnie Hunt Show. (unfortunately the show went unaired)
Dogs and Suds
Washed hair in a salon
Part time Nurses aid in a nursing home after school
Tom Snyder’s radio show In Milwaukee
Oncology nurse at Northwestern University Hospital

I was a nurse for five years – two years in the emergency room and three years on the oncology ward. As an oncology nurse all my patients were terminally ill, and they had the greatest sense of humor of any people I’ve ever known in my life. I used to bring the whole Second City group over to the hospital, and we would do the show right there in the solarium. We’d drag all the beds out and all the patients in the beds. Then the patients started to inspire me. I remember sitting with this patient, Rudy, who had neck cancer and he said, “Bon, you gotta go to California.” I said, “God, Rudy, I’m not going to go there and fail and be humiliated and come back. This is my job. I like doing the shows at night. It’s a nice hobby.” He said, “You have to go and fail. Fail all the time at everything. Go and do it.” I thought, “What am I saying to this man who is dying: I’m afraid to fail?” I left two weeks later. Alan Silverman April 2000.
Classes at Second City’s Players Workshop on Lincoln Avenue
An Impulsive Thing (Improv group)at Bob’s bar, across from Wrigley Field
(Bonnie worked as a nurse while doing Improv.)

“I was always doing both, it was a great outlet. To me it was my energy, my fuel. The patients got so involved with it. I was working at this place across from Wrigley field called Bob’s Bar, and you’d know my tables because there were all these bald people with bandanas on, god love ‘em, drinking their water because they couldn’t have alcohol.”
Second City’s touring company 1986 (within a few weeks she was promoted to the troupe’s first string of performers)
LA ensemble of Second City 1988

(see theatre credits and filmography for the rest)


Bonnie Hunt BiographyBonnie Hunt Biography

Biting her lower lip
Calling people honey
Saying “oh dear” in really funny situations in movies etc
Her small beauty mark below her left eye.

Shoe Size:

Favourite Color:

Dogs, Buddy, Lacey and Charlie
(Sadly, Lacey is now deceased)
Lacey was found on the street around the time of Beethoven and Bonnie took the dog in. They got Buddy from a shelter.

Favourite movies:
The Apartment
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Name of the Father
Witness for the Prosecution
Philadelphia Story
Anything with the Marx Brothers

Favourite directors:
Preston Sturges
Billy Wilder
Alfred Hichcock

Favourite Music:
Big Band era from World War II.
Gershwin, Irving Berlin to a few years after that.
Dean Martin
Jackie Gleason
Ella Fitzgerald

Being with her dogs

Biggest Inspiration:
“My mother, in all aspects of my life.”

Favorite childhood memory:
Staying home from school when she was sick and her mother making homemade Play-Doh for her.

Prized possession:
A picture of her parents on their honeymoon. Also, pictures of her father, who has sadly been dead many years. Personal hero:
Doris Day. “She could do everything.” She’d give anything to have met:
“My grandfather. I never knew him, but my mother talks about him all the time. He was an inventor and very creative.”

Major Comedic Influence:
Groucho Marx
Claudette Colbert
Jack Benny
Jackie Gleason


Animal rights
Shelters for the homeless and for battered women
Cancer research
(I’m sure there are many more, but these are just the ones I am aware of)

Best friends:
Holly Wortell
Don Lake
David Letterman
George Clooney

Favourite TV shows as a child:
The Honeymooners as a teenager into adulthood. But as a child, H.R. Pufnstuf.

Production Company: Bob and Alice Productions
Because her Mom always said to her “You are a Bob and Alice Production.”


PMK 955 S. Carrillo Drive #200
Los Angeles California 90048 USA


Under the Blitmore Clock TV 1986 Foxtrot dancer
Rain Man 1988
Grand TV 1990
Beethoven 1992
Davis Rules TV 1992
Beethoven’s 2nd 1993
The Building TV 1993
Dave 1993
Only You 1994
Now and Then 1995
The Bonnie Hunt show TV 1995
Jumanji 1995
Getting Away With Murder 1996
Jerry Maguire 1996
Subway Stories 1997
A Bug’s Life 1998
Kissing a Fool 1998
The Green Mile 1999
Random Hearts 1999
Return To Me 2000
Monsters Inc 2001
Stolen Summer 2002
Life With Bonnie TV 2002
Cheaper by the Dozen
Loggerheads 2005
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 2005
Cars 2006 Post Production

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