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Monika Schnarre, Canadian supermodel and actress, first came into international recognition at the age of 14 when she won the prestigious Ford Supermodel of the World contest in 1986. She is the youngest person to have won that honor.

She began her modeling career because of being at the right place at the right time. Ms. Schnarre had been at a hotel with her sister and both were asked to participate in a fashion show being held there. After winning the Ford Supermodel contest in 1986, Monika continued to model intensely for 5 years. During that time she graced the covers of many international magazines.

Monika defied the stereotyped role of a model. She never got into the trap that befalls many young models: drug and alcohol use. Monika also did not drop out of high school, but chose to go to school and graduate with her class. She has been friendly and down-to-earth and is still friends with some of her high school classmates to this day.


Though Monika Schnarre’s modeling career was short, she achieved many of her goals in that small amount of time. She felt that she had reached a place where there was very little beyond her level of success that could be achieved. She then turned her attentions from modeling to acting.

Ms. Schnarre has appeared in a variety of both television series and films. Whether by accident or design, much of that work has been in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Her first appearance was as a model in the Friday the 13th anthology series. More recently she appeared as a star ship lieutenant in the series Andromeda. The most consistent exposure she has had of late was as the original Sorceress in the syndicated series BeastMaster. Monika continues to work actively in film and television. (See Filmography for more.)

Monika Schnarre is a native of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Most sources list her birthday as May 31, 1971. A few sources have indicated that it is instead May 27. According to the Silk Stalkings fan club newsletter, Monika’s favorite movie is Braveheart and favorite actor and actress are Ed Harris and Meg Ryan. In her free time Monika enjoys working on her cabin and crocheting, an activity she taught Marjean Holden.

One of Monika’s first acting gigs was in the scifi anthology series Friday the 13th.

Face of Evil

In episode 2.14, she played Sandy Thomerson in “Face of Evil”. She was a model who had her face burned off by another jealous model. For a full story synopsis of this episode, go here. (You can also see a review of Monika’s smoking for this role.)

Epitaph for a Lonely Soul
In episode 3.12, Monika played Lisa Caldwell for the episode “Epitaph for a Lonely Soul”. In that episode she was a corpse “who was resurrected for the necrophiliac enjoyment of a lonely embalmer”.

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