Funny Baby Quotes

Baby Philosophy: If it stinks, change it !

A newborn’s first thought: “Now what??”

A smile is the only way a baby can say “I LOVE YOU”.

Babies are God’s proof
that the best things
do come in small packages !!

Babies are nature’s way
of showing people
what the world looks like
at 2:00 a.m.


Babies are such a cheerful way to start people !


Doo-Doo Happens !!

Discover Wildlife !!
Have Twins !!

I drink my moo. I do my poo, that’s all I do !

If I don’t sleep……nobody sleeps!

It’s hard raising parents !
( seen on a baby t-shirt )

Party…my cot………2 a.m.
bring your own bottle.

Ten little fingers.
Ten little toes.
One cute little me !

Itsy-bitsy fingers
wiggly little toes
teeny-tiny tummy,
baby button nose-
Lullabies and laughter,
lots of “baby things”,
And then to fill you heat,
the love a baby brings.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one !

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