Mother’s Day Quotes

A mothers duty:

Give your children roots,

Then give them wings.
A Mothers Poem

I will not have a temper tantrum nor stomp across the floor.

I will not pout, scream or shout or kick against the door.

I will not throw my food around nor pick upon another.

I’ll always try to be real good because I am the mother.
A mother holds a special part of all that is treasured in the heart.
A Mother holds her children’s hands for a while…

their hearts forever.
~~~A mother is a rock in the midst of chaos.
A mother is someone with whom

you may not see eye to eye,

but is someone who will

always walk with you arm in arm.
~~~A mother makes your heart happy.
A wise mother give her children two choices

at mealtime….take it or leave it.
~~~A Mother’s Heart is a Patchwork of Love.

A mother’s love endures through all.

A mother’s love is the heart of the home.

A mother’s love lasts forever.

All mother’s are working mothers.
All that I am or hope to be…

I owe to my angel mother…

(Abraham Lincoln)
Ask not what your Mother can do for you,

ask what you can do for your Mother.
Being a stay at home mom

can be really frustrating,

especially when others

say you don’t work !
~~~Call your Mother….she cares !
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow…

For children grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down, cobwebs, dust go to sleep;

I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.
Dear Mom:

My hand you held when I was small.

My heart you’ll hold forever.
~~~Earthly angels are mothers in disguise.
Every mother knows when

children say they are doing nothing,

they are into mischief.
~~~God couldn’t be everywhere so he created Mothers.


God invented mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere.

God made you my Mother….Love made you my Friend.

House Rules: #1 Mom’s the Boss #2 See Rule #1
I smile because I am your Mother.

I laugh because you can’t do anything about it.
~~~ If at first you don’t succeed…..Do it like your Mother told you.

If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy !!

M is for MOM….not Maid !!!
Mirror, mirror…on the wall…

I am my Mother….after all.
Mom stands for Mother…


Made-Of-Money !!!
Making the decision to have a child–it’s momentous.

It is to decide forever to have your heart go on

walking around outside your body.

(Elizabeth Stone)
Mom….when thoughts of you are in our hearts

we are never far from home.
Mom’s Commandments

I. Shut the door.

II. Finish your chores.

III. Make your bed.

IV. Leave unkind words unsaid.

V. Pick up your mess.

VI. Be neat in your dress.

VII. Thou shalt not tease.

VIII. Wash your hands please.

IX. Love one another.

X. Especially your Mother.
Most mothers hate four letter words…


cook, wash, iron and dust !
~~~Mother by accident….Friend by choice.

Mother is another word for Angel.





True blue

Heaven sent


Ray of sunshine

~~~Motherhood is like being pecked to death by chickens.

Mother’s are a rose in the garden of life.

Mother’s have heaven right under their feet !
Mother’s Message

I said NO…..and I meant it!!

Because I’m the Mom…..that’s why!!

1…2…3…3 1/2…..

Go ask your Dad…..!!

I love you…!!

(I saw this on a sign with all these messages scattered around…)
Mothers of little boys are busy

from SON up til SON down.
~~~Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young.

The mother of boys work son-up to son-down.

There’s a special place in heaven for the mother of two boys.
Mother-in-Law Poem

You are the mother I received
the day I wed your son.

And I just want to thank you, mom,
for the things that you have done.

You have given me a gracious man
with whom I share my life.

You are his lovely mother and
I his lucky wife.

You use to pat his little head
and now I hold his hand.

You raised in love a little boy
then gave me a man.

(Author Unknown)
The only thing better than having you for my mother,

is my children having you for a grandmother.
The only thing some moms

want for their birthdays

is not to be reminded of it.
There are three ways to get something done:

hire someone to do it,

do it yourself,

or forbid your kids to do it !
When you are a mother,

you are never really alone in your thoughts.

You are connected to your child

and to all those who touch your lives.

A mother always has to think twice,

once for herself

and once for her child.

(Sophia Loren)
~~~Who takes a child by the hand, takes the mother by the heart.
You tickled my toes…

Checked for monsters,

Showed me the stars…

And taught me how to reach them…

I love you …Mom !!

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    God is invisible mom but mom is visible god

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