Children Quotes

A child is a beam of sunlight from God…

A child is the root of the heart.

(Caroline Maria de Jesus)
A child’s mind is a lot like gelatin,

it’s better to fill it up with lots of good stuff

before it sets.
A hundred years from now

it will not matter

what my bank account was,

the sort of house I lived in,

or the kind of car I drove…

but the world may be different

because I was important in the life of a child.
A lock of hair from a child so fair,

A miracle from above placed gently in my care.

This child is growing up so fast.

Tomorrow is the future, today is the past,

walking…talking…fading riddles and rhymes,

This lock of hair remains a keepsake of past times.

Be kind to your children…they pick your nursing home.

Blessed are the children !
Catch them doing something “good”..!!

(we always catch our children doing something bad…so here’s a switch !)
Childhood is that wonderful time

when all you have to do to lose weight

is to take a bath..!!

Children are a gift from God…

Children are God’s flower buds just waiting to open.

Children are jewels dropped from heaven.
Children are natural mimics who act like their parents

despite every effort to teach them good manners.

Children are poor men’s riches.

Children are the sweet peas in the garden of life !
Children do not ask to be born

but they do ask to be taken care of

and in so many ways.

(Rene’ Taylor)

Children don’t make life easier….just better…

Children fill a hole in your heart you never knew existed.

Children have more need of models than of critics.
Children have never been very good at listening to their elders.

But they have never failed to imitate them.
Children in the dark cause accidents.

Accidents in the dark cause children.

Children love to learn….but hate to be taught.
Children may close their ears to advice,

but open their eyes to example.

Children need love, especially when they don’t deserve it.
Children seldom misquote you.

In fact, they usually repeat

word for word

what you shouldn’t have said.

Children should be seen, not heard.
Cleaning your house while your children are growing

is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing.
Discover Wildlife…!!

Have Twins !!

(this was sent to me by a mother of twins !!)

Forget the dog. Beware of the kids…!!

(you can also substitute…wife, husband, mother-in-law…etc.)
Give a boy enough rope

and he’ll bring home

a stray dog on the end of it.
I hope that my child

looking back on today

remembers a mother who had time to play.

Children grow up while you are not looking.

There’ll be years ahead for cleaning and cooking.

So quiet now cobwebs.

Dust go to sleep.

I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.
I love to give homemade gifts.

Which one of the kids would you like?

If a child lives with approval…he learns to live with himself !
If children are the ones who take the baths,

why are moms the ones who get soaking wet?
If we are to reach real peace in this world

we shall have to begin with the children.

If you think it is impossible to love someone

more than yourself,

have a child.
If you want friends,

don’t ever tell them

what is wrong with their children.
I’m not rich…

but my children are jewels !

I’m spoiled….but not rotten !!
In the eyes of a child,

love is spelled T-I-M-E
It is said that every child is a little flower.

What if he is a little cactus?

It’s not an empty nest until their stuff is out of the attic.
It’s not who wears the pants in the family who’s the boss,

it’s who wears the diapers.
Kid’s brain are like jello…

you have to fill them with

lots of good stuff before they set.

Kids: Nature’s Way of saying Your house is way too neat !!

Kids need a stable background…

(I saw this on a t-shirt depicting the baby Jesus laying in a stable manger)

Lord….Grant me patience to endure my blessings.
Lord, give me strength

to live with my children.

But wait…Lord…

give me more strength…

I can’t live without them.

My name is NO NO but Grandma calls me Precious.

Nothing you do for children is ever wasted…
Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go,

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child works hard for a living,

The child that is born on the Sabbath Day,

is bonny, blythe, good and gay.
My name is NOT…No-No !!!

(this saying was seen on a t-shirt–sent in by a visitor to this site)
Often God’s biggest gift

to us come in the littlest of packages…

our children.

Praise your children…and they will blossom.

Procrastinate on anything but your children !!
Saying ” yes ” to a child

is like blowing a balloon.

You have to know when to stop.
Sending children to college is educational for parents.

It teaches them to do without many things.

Small child: House Wrecker, Inc.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.
The decision to have a child, it’s momentous.

It is to decide forever to let your heart

walk around outside of your body.
The good thing about spoiled children

is that you never have any in your family.
There are two things a child will share willingly.

Chickenpox and his mother’s age.
There are two things we should give our children…

one is roots…the other is wings.

Thou shalt not whine…
To be in your children’s memories tomorrow…

You have to be in their lives today.
To the world…you may be one person,

but to one person…you may be the world !

We can handle any problem…we have kids !!
~NEW !!~

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

we borrow it from our children.

(Indian Proverb)
We know a secret

Just we three.

The Robin, and I and the

sweet Cherry tree.

The bird told the tree

and the tree told me

And nobody knows it

But just we three !

(sent in by a visitor to this site–it was a poem that was found

in a 25 yr. old kindergarten scrapbook)

We teach children to love by first loving them.
What should not be heard by little ears,

should not be said by big mouths.
When God made the motor for toddlers,

there’s one thing He forgot, I fear…

Often the throttle gets stuck on high,

for He forgot to include low gear.

Who takes a child by the hand, takes the mother by the heart.
Why does everyone think that I am a cruel and

insensitive man? I mean, come on, I have kids…..

on my desk in little jars !

(Stephen King)
You can’t scare me….I have kids !!

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