Uplifting Quotes

Uplifting Quotes on success, motivation and on becoming a champion

Winning doesn’t start around you – it begins Inside you.

Your future begins with whatever is in your hands today.

Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you are going.

Major on the opportunities, not on the obstacles.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

A successful life is often expensive. It will cost you something to become a champion. Time. Energy. Focus.

Champions seize the day. Carpe Diem.

Always remember the powerful importance of linking your habits to your life purpose.

The battle belongs to the persistent.

The victory will go to the one who never quits.

The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance.

Integrity is truthfulness. It is doing what you say you will do.

Someone is always observing who is capable of greatly blessing you.

Get involved in something great and give your life to it.

Failure is merely an opinion.

Nothing is ever as bad as it appears.

Successful people are simply problem solvers.

Get so excited over planning your triumphs, you don’t have time to complain over past losses.

Someone has said, “Attitude determines altitude.” Expect to conquer and master any obstacle you face today.

You will never correct what you are unwilling to confront.

Most people choose to sit as spectators in the Grandstand of Life, rather than risk the Arena of Conflict to wear the Crown of Victory.

Discover what motivates and excites you.

Pour yourself into something you believe in.

You will never reach your potential until your priorities become habitual.

Ask yourself creative quesations such as, “How can I improve the situation?”

Every champion must be willing to believe in his own dream when others seem too busy or uncaring to encourage him.

Evaluate your special gifts and abilities.

You will never have significant success with anything until it becomes an obsession with you.

The first step toward success is the willingness to listen.

Friends differ. Pinpoint those who truly stimulate you…educate you…inspire and motivate you.

Do not build mental monsters of fear and worry.

The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering.

Expect others to respond favourably towards you.

Your words are continually educating others around you. Let them create a portrait of enthusiasm and faith.

A winner never condescends, but lifts those around him to a higher mentality.

One person with passion is greater than ninety-nine who have only an interest.

Don’t waste your life. It is too short, valuable and irreplaceable.

Do not take today for granted.

Avoid time-wasters such as bored friends, unnecessary phone calls and idle chatter.

Real champions complete things. They are ‘follow through’ people.

You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.

Every task has an unpleasant side… but you must focus on the end results you are producing.

Life is a marathon, not a fifty yard dash.

Whatever creates joy and energy within you is probably an indication of what God wants you to pursue.

Your greatest mistakes will happen because of impatience.

Resist impatience.

Invest in books that will increase your confidence and sense of worth.

The most powerful force in the world today is the tongue.

Use your words to build confidence in others. Refuse to slander another.

Be bold in expressing your opinions.

Feel strongly about the things that matter in life.

Listen to your conscience. It is the key to real success.

Men do not decide their future… they decide their habits – then, their habits decide their future.

Refuse to be intimidated by people or – circumstances.

Those who do not respect your time will not respect your wisdom either.

Everything big starts little.

Successful people find daily significance in twenty-fours hours of progress.

Something is more important than the packaging – the person.

Preparation time is never wasted time.

Find something that consumes you. Something that is worthy of building your entire life around.

Rejection is not fatal. It is merely someone’s opinion.

Appreciate the accomplishments of others.

Every man fails. Champions simply get back up and begin again.

Knowledge is power. The difference between failure and success is information.

You’ll never leave where you are, until you decide where you’d rather be.

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.

What you love is a clue to your calling and talent.

You will always remember what you teach.

You are what you have decided to be.

Whatever brings you the most fulfillment is an important key to your life.

Losers discuss their obstacles. Winners talk opportunities.

Your words of kindness today could easily create the wave that carries someone to their dreams.

Information is the difference between your present and your future.

Everyone is a ‘well of information.’ Draw from it.

Overcomers don’t do it alone. They conquer their pride. They reject the trap of isolation.

Stop taking journeys into yesterday.

Leave excess baggage behind.

Always be where you are. Taste Now – it is the future you have been talking about.

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t belittle yourself.

It is not what men say about you that really matters in life – it is what you believe about yourself.

Champions do not become champions in the ring. They are merely recognized in the ring.
Their becoming, happens in their daily routine.

Absorb the wisdom of great people.

Never expect a 16″ by 20″ idea to be celebrated by a 3″ by 5″ mind.

There are two forces that build that invisible gigantic machine called credibility that open doors of success.
Trustworthiness and Expertise.

Two forces are vital to happiness: your relationships and your achievements.

Success doesn’t just ‘happen.’ You set it in motion.

A Winner Never Quits and a Quitter Never Wins.

Two Rules of Life.
One: Never Give Up. Never Quit.
Two: Always remember the first!

Believe in Yourself! You can if you think you can!

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  1. Blend Buena says:

    Who author’s this quote? ” A wise man never thinks how far he has come. He thinks how far he can still travel”.

  2. Ghen says:

    Those who do not respect your time will not respect your wisdom either.

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