Bird Quotes

Bird Phrases and Birdhouse Quotes and Slogans

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

A bird in the hand makes blowing the nose difficult !

A little bird told me…

Bird Sanctuary

Birdie Barracks

Birds of a feather….flock together.



Birdy, birdy in the sky,

Did a poopie in my eye,

me not care,

me not cry,

me just glad cows can’t fly !


Bless our Nest

Cat Bird Inn

Country Retweet


Don’t Look !!!

Birds Bathing….


Even an Owl can cast the Shadow of an Eagle.

Every sparrow knows an eagle.

(Jan Ruhe)

Everybirdies Welcome…

Everybirdy loves his own nest best !

Featherbed Inn

Featherbeds for Wrent !!

Feed the birdies….please !

For Sale…Cheep!!

Flight School

Fly by Night Hotel

For Wrent

For wrent….cheep ….cheep !!

God gives every bird it’s food, but he doesn’t throw it into it’s nest.

God’s laughter is heard in the song of birds…


I taught I saw a tweet !

(I saw this on a cute t-shirt with a cat and bird depicted)

Joyful memories….warm our nests.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Nest and Breakfast

No Vacancy !


Pigeons are the most generous

of all earth’s creatures.

They never pass a hat

without leaving something !


Please feed the birds !!

Sit long…chirp much !!


SLOW !!!!

Low flying hummingbirds !!!!


Songville….bed and breakfast

Snow birds welcome !

The early birds catches the worm.

The song of a robin is an angel’s voice in the garden.


The woods would be very silent

if no birds sang except the best.

(Yiddish Proverb)


This place is for the birds !

Tree Top Inn

Tweet Suite


We’ve got your cat.

If you ever want to see him again….

Leave five pounds of bird seed by noon !!

(this was on a cute sign that was held up by a bunch of little birds)


Whistler’s Inn

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