Grandchildren Quotes

Dearer than our children

are the children

or our children.

(Egyptian Proverb)~~~
Discover Wildlife….!!

Keep the Grandchildren.~~~
Few things are more important

than grandchildren

fighting over your lap.~~~
Grandchildren are God’s reward

for putting up with your kids.

(this saying was sent in by a visitor to my site…

who said she painted the names of her “grandchildren” above the saying…

and painted the names of her “children” below the saying)


Grandchildren are God’s way

of compensating us for growing old.~~~
Grandchildren are just wonderful.

They hardly ever bug you.

Them make you feel real good inside.

Every time they hug you.

They’re lots of fun to talk with,

and fun to be with too!

Grandkids are just wonderful…

Especially one’s like you!!
Grandchildren are such fun…

I wish I had them first !!~~~
Grandchildren are the dots that connect

the lines from generation to generation.

(Louis Wyse)~~~
Grandchildren are the gift

you get for not

strangling your teenagers.~~~
Grandchildren are to grandparents

like sunshine to a day !~~~
Grandchildren Spoiled Here
(I saw this on a doormat)~~~
Grandkids Crossing

(I saw this on a sign in a front yard)~~~

Grandkids keep hearts young !

Grandchildren are the flowers of life…!

Grandparents are God’s gift to children.

Happiness is having grandchildren to love.

I may not be rich, but I do have priceless grandchildren. ~~~
I didn’t do it….!!

Nobody saw me do it….!!

I want my Grandma !!~~~
If I had known grandchildren were this much fun

I would have had them first.~~~
My Grandchildren are not spoiled…
they are just loved a lot!!~~~
The handwriting on the wall

means the grandchildren found the crayons.~~~
There would be less spoiled children if you could

spank the grand-parents !

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