Dolls Quotes

Discover your inner child;

play with dolls.


I can hardly wait ’til nighttime falls,

when I crawl into bed with

my favorite dolls.


I have a doll from days gone by…

very worn and tattered.

But she was there for me to love…

and that’s all that really mattered !!


I love Andy more than candy !!


I’m just a Raggedy Ann person In a Barbie Doll world.


In the dell of our garden,

my dolls and I take tea,

and days when I have raisins,

the catbirds dine with me.


Never too old to play with dolls.


Old rag doll,

all torn and tattered,

you were my friend

when it really mattered.


Old scraps are my start,

Lovingly made,

to comfort and love,

your little ones heart.

(this a poem that Sue Ann Thomason wrote about

her Raggedy Ann and Andy doll collection)


So many dolls, so little room.

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