Uighur Proverbs Sayings

Uyghur Makhaliler Uighur Proverbs
Alemni su besip ketse, ödekning khaptiligha yetmeptu. Even if the world is flooded, the duck feels safe.
6 ay atkhan pahta bir qapangha yetmeptu. 6 months of work with cotton is not enough for a coat.
Andakh khazangha mundakh qömüq. Get the right spoon for the right pot. (the right tool for right job)
Asmandiki ghazning xorpisigha nan qilap yemek Soak the bread with the soup of a flying duck. (day dreaming for something impossible)
Asmangha qikhay dise yerakh, yerge kirey dise khattikh. Sky is too high to fly to, the ground is too hard to get in.
Asmangha tükürseng, yüzünge qüxer. If you spit to the sky, it might drop to your face.
Asta manghanmu manghan, tohtap khalghan yaman. Moving slowly is still moving, stopping gets you nowhere.(slow and steady wins the race)
Asta manghan tagh axar, yügürgen bagh. He who goes slowly gets over the mountain, he who hurries gets nowhere. (1. easy does it; 2. slow and steady wins the race)
At tapkhiqe iger tap. Get a saddle before you can afford the horse.(Before you can buy a horse, you have to get a saddle.)
Yahxi atkha khamqa kerek emes. A good horse doesn’t have to be whipped.
Yahxi atkha bir khamqa, yaman atkha ming khamqa. A good horse needs only one whipping, a bad horse needs a thousand.
Attin qüxse üzengidin qüxmeydu. He gets off his horse but keeps his foot in the stirrup. (person still wants to hold the power after resigning from the position)
At keynige min’gexme, min’gexkendin keyin vay dime. Never ride on the back of the horse, if you do, don’t complain about the pain.
At aylinip okhurini tapar. No matter how far the horse goes, it is still able to find its trough.
Eti ulugh, supurisi khurukh. Long on words, short on deeds.
At Aylihangha, yol Sarihangha Pretend for Aylihan, actually for Sarihan.
Atisi atalmighan khong’ghuzni, balisi etiptu tongguzni The father couldn’t harm a fly, but the son could kill a pig.
Atalmighan erdin atalghan döng yahxi. Man without fame is worse than a ramp.
Atkhan okh yanmas. Bullets never return.
Atalmas okhtin körer. The bad shooter blames the bullet.
Yetip khalghiqe etip khal. Die from shooting, not from lying.
Aval qikh’khan khulakhtin keyin qikh’khan müng’güz exip ketti. The ear apears first, but the horn grows bigger.
Bermesning exi pixmas. Food will never be on the table if the host doesn’t want to serve it.
Ax bergenge muxt bermek. Punch the one who provided the food.
Ax kelse iman kheqiptu. Once the food comes, the appreciation disappears.
Axkha teyyar, ixkha heyyar. Industrious when it comes to food, lazy when it comes to work.
Ayni itek bilen yapkhili bolmas. Moonlight can not be hidden by a piece of cloth (front of a garment). (A fact is always a fact.)
Ayning 15 kharanghu, 15 ayding. The moon is dark for 15 days, bright for 15 days. (You win some, you lose some.)
Her kimning özige, ay körüner közige. Everyone sees his/her own child as the most beutifull.
Ayakh yügürügi axkha, eghiz yügürügi baxkha. The one who walk a lot is good for food, the one who talk a lot is for brain.
Ayrilghanni eyikh yer, bölüngenni böre. The separated one is the prey of bear, the splitted is the food for wolf.
Orunsiz ghezep özengge azap. Groundless rage is masochistic.
Yol azavi gör azavi. Hardship on a trip is hell.
Aghrikh patmanlap kirer, miskhallap qikhar. Disease enters easily, but leaves very slowly.
Aghrikhni yoxursang ölüm axkara bolidu. If you hid the disease, you won’t be able to hid the death.
Aghrikhning tüzelgüsi kelse tivip özi keler. Once the desease is ready to be cured, the cure is ready.
özem tapkhan balagha, nerge baray davagha. Who do I to sue for my own faults?
Bala-khaza körünüp kelmes, pul kholini sangiltip. Disaster come one after the other. (When it rains it pours.)
Barida poldurung-poldurung, yokhida kharap olturung. Have it all once you have it.
Barmaymen digen tügmenge yette khetim beriptu. After promised he would never go to the mill, he went seven times.
Barqe guna özemde turup, khap kötirip nege baray. If all the fault is mine, where can I go for clear it up.
Ekhil yaxta emes, baxta. Wisdom comes from brains, not from age.
Bax yerilsa bök iqide, khol sunsa yeng iqide. Your head bleeds inside your cap, your arm breaks inside your sleeve.
Suning bexi lay bolsa ayighimu lay bolidu. If the source of rever is mud, the rever is muddy. (garbage in, garbage out.)
Baxkha kelgende batur. One will be hero when he has to fight.
Baxkhilarning dastihinida mihman uzatmakh. Use other’s banquet to host own guests.
Baxkhilarning juvisida terlimek. Get sweated in other’s coat.
Baxkhilarning hörmiti özige. Respect others if you want to be respected.
Baghlakhtiki it ovgha yarimas. Tied dog can’t do hunting.
Bikarning qolisi yokh. The one who has nothing to do has no time.
Bikargha turghiqe bikargha ixle. Working for free is better than doing nothing.
Boyakh bilen boyighiqe texingni, bilim bilen zinnetligin iqingni. Instead of using color to cover yourself, use the knowledge to fill your brain.
Danni öyde yep baxkha yerde kakalimakh. Eats food at home and ley eggs outside.
Yalghuz atning qengi qikhmas, qeingi qikhsimu dengi qimas. Single running horse can’t create dust.
Dost yighlitip eytar, düxmen küldürüp. Friends tells with anger, enemy with smile.
Guman imanni khaqurar. Suspection makes one lost one’s belief.
Gepni khil sighar yerge, suni sep singar yerge. Be carefull with your speech, be measured when you water your plant.
Gep yüzde yahxi, kavap zikhta. It is better say the words face to face, it is better to eat kebab on the shish.
Gep bir khulakh ikki. One mouth, two ears. (no need to repeat what’s been said).
Yirakhtiki tukh’khandin yekhindiki hoxna yahxi. The neighbors close by is better than relatives far away.
Özengni qing tut, hoxnangni oghri tutma. Be careful with yourself, don’t blame your neighbor for the lost.
Huptendin kheqip taravigha uqrimakh. Escaped the Hupten, but have to the Taravi.
Ikki putni bir ötükke tikhmakh. Have to put two feet into one boot. (no way to go)
Ix ustisidin khokhar. Work is feared of expert.
Ix ömlükte, küq birlikte. Work should be done with group, power came from unity.
Ixek ixektin khalsa khulighini kes. If a donkey falls behind another one, cut its eat.
Ixekke küqüng yetmise ur tokhumni. If you can’t hit the donkey, hit its saddle. (if you can do nothing with the stronger one, take advantage of the weaker.)
Ixigi üq tengge, tokhumi bex tengge. Buy donkey for 3 bucks, the saddle cost 5 bucks.
Ixengen taghda kiyik yatmaptu. There is no gazelle on the mountain that supposed to have it.
Yigit sözidin khalmas, yolvas izidin. Gentleman keeps his word, tiger follows his foot print. (You can’t regret for what you have done.)
Tirnakh astidin kir izdimek. Picking dirt from under the finger nails. (trying to be perfect with no particular reason.)
Yatning yandin öter, özning jandin. Others wrong doing go with wind, friends wrong doing hurts you heart. (Friends bad doing hurts the most.)
Öqke jan khayghusida, khassap yagh khayghusida. Goat is worrying about life, slaughter is thinking about oil.
Kavapmu köymisun, zikhmu köymisun. Don’t burn the kebab, neither the shish. (Do things with care.)
Keselning detdini sakh bilmes, aqning derdini tokh. Health one can’t feel the pain of the sick, the full one doesn’t feel the hunger.)
Keyinki puxayman özengge döxmen. Regret afterwards is your own enemy. (there is no room for regret.)
Otni koqilisang öqer, hoxnangni koqilisang köqer. Too much poking kills the fire, too much gossip moves expels your neighbor.
Jandin keqmigiqe jananigha yetmes. Can’t get the dreamed one without sacrificing one’s life.
Yette ölqep bir kes. Measure 7 times before you cut.(be very careful with what you intended to do.)
Keslenqük yilan bolmighi ming yilqilik. It takes thousand years for a lizard to become a snake.
Köp bilen ölüm bijayiki toy. Dying with a group is similar to going to a party.
Köp tükürse köl bolur. Spits from the public becomes a lake.
Tilning gözili makhal, erning gözili sakhal. Beauty of the words is proverb, beauty of man is his beard.
Het-halta tiriklikning nixanisi. Comunication is the sign of life.
Toxkhandek yüz yil yaxighiqe, yolvastek bir kün yaxa. Instead of living like a rabbit for 100 years, live live a tiger for a day.
Toxkhan ölse tülke haza tutuptu. Fox is sad for rabbit’s death.
Yep toymighan yalap toymas. If you are not full by eating, you can’t be full by licking.
Yer toymighiqe el toymas. If the earth is not full, people will be hungary.
Turmighan mihmanning ketkini yahxi. If the guest doesn’t want to stay, it is better to let him go.
Birning kasapiti ming’gha teger. A thousand peopole bare one’s fault.
Töge khanqe bolsa yeghiri xunqe. The bigger the size of a camel, the bigger its scar.
Tögining meyli bolsa, yantakh’kha boynini sozar. If camel is willing to eat, it will stretch its neck to the thorn.
Töginining khuyrughi yerge tekkende. When camel’s tail touches the ground. (it will never happen.)
Tüküvetken tükürükni eghizgha alghili bolmaydu. One can’t take back his spit.
Yahxining xarapi teger, yamanning kasapiti. Good one gives you wine, bad one creates trouble.
Dihan bolsang xüdiger khil, molla bolsang tekrar khil. Peasants need to turn up the soi, scholar needs to repeat.
Yahxigha kün yokh, yamangha ölüm. Good person has no good life, bad guy lives forever.
Yahxi gep taxni yarar. Good words breaks the rock.
Yahxi khilding hop khilding, minet khilding yokh khilding.
Yahxi bolsa exini ye, yaman bolsa bexini.
Yamangha yahxilikh khilma, uningdin Yahxilikh kütme. Don’t do any good to the bad, don’t expect good from the bad.
Yahxilikh’kha yahxilikh her kixining ixi, yamanlikh’kha yahxilikh er kixining ixi. Ruturn good for good is everybody’s business, return good for evil is genlemen’s business.
Yalangayak sudin khorkhmas. The one with bare feet desn’t care about the water.
Yamanning yahxisi bolghiqe, yahxining yamini bol. Instead of being a one praised by the bad, be a one cursed by the good.
Yapsam pixamdu, kömsem pixamdu. Fry it or bake it? (remain undecided between choices)
Yarigha tuz sepmek. Spread solt on the scar. (create more pain or hardship).
Qin köngüldin yighlisa, kharghu közdinmu yax qikhar. When cry by heart, tear come out from the blind eye.
Yazda yepinqakhni untuma, khixta ozughungni. Bring thick cloths with you in the summer, bring enough food in the winter. (allways be prared for the worse.)(preparedness averts peril)
Qaghlimay yigen aghrimay öler.
Yirakh bolsa kixnixer, yekhin bolsa qixlixer.
Yikhilghan qelixkha toymas. The falling one doesn’t care to fell again.
Yolvasni yeng’gen batur emes, aqqikhni yeng’en batur. Hero is the one who overcome the anger, not the one who wins a tiger.
Ixligenning yüzi yorukh, ixlimigenning yüzi qorukh. The hardworking one get respect, the lazy one gets critisizm.
Kixi yurtida sultan bolghiqe, öz yurtungda ultan bol. Instead of being a king in a foreign land, be a cobbler in your motherland.
Yüz anglighandin bir körgen ela. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times.
Ghadayghangha ghadayghin bexing kökke yetkiqe, egilgen’ge egilgin bexing yerge tekkiqe. Show more arrogant to the one who is arrogant to you, show more respect to the one who shows respect to you.
Ghazning göxini yiseng, ödekning peyide bol. Want to eat swan, think about duck. (be thoughtfull about the consequence what you intended to do)
Oghli ghura yise, dadisining qixi khamaptu. Son eats raw apricot, father feels the sore.
Ghulaqkha qidap, gheriqkha qidimaptu. To be able to finish a yard, can’t finish the inch.
Halitinggha bekhip hal tat, haltanggha bekhip un tat.
Molla köp bolsa, khoy haram ölidu. Too many cook spoil the food.
Horunning etisi tügmeydu. There is no tomorrow for a lazy guy.
Horunni ixkha buyrisang, sanga ekhil ügiter. To ask a lazy man do something is a good leson for you.
Herining zehirige qidighan hesel yer. There is no huney for the one who scared of being stinged by bee.
Yer heydiseng küzde heyde, küzde heydimiseng yüz heyde. Plough the earth in the fall, otherwise you need to plough it a hundred times. (do things on time, otherwise you may waist a lot of time)
Hekhikhet igilidu, sunmaydu. The fact may be distorted, but it will neber be changed.
Khatarding khalghiqe hatadin khal. Instead of leaving the public, stay out of mistake.
Khaxang ödek baldur uqidu. Clumsy duck has to start flying early. (slow needs to start early)
Khazanning guvasi qümüq The witness of the pot is the ladle.
Hemmila yerde khazanning khulighi tört All the pot in the world has 4 handle. (life is similar no matter where you go)
Khazangha yolukhsang kharsi yukhar, yamangha yolukhsang yalisi.
Khagha khaghining közini qokhimas. Crow doen’t hit crow’s eye.
Khagha seghizhanning mengixini doraymendep öz mengixini untup khaptu. Crow try to walk like magpie and forget to walk itself.
Khagha balam appakh balam, kirpe balam yumxakh balam. Crow thinks her chiks white, hedgehog says her puppy soft.
Khagha bilen dost bolsang yeyixing pokh. Friend of crow also eats dung.
Khagha khakh etidu, öz könglini hox etidu.
Khiyix yok alemde, köngül koyghan ademge. There is no hard thing for one who set his mind on it.
Henim sizge eytay, kelinim sen angla. I will say it my daugher, the audiance is my daugher-in-law.
Khol kholni yusa, khol khopup yüzni yuyar. I hand wash hand, hands wash face.
Khoynungdin tökülse khongingha. Spiled from your arm, drops into your boot.
Khorkh’khangha khox körüner. Scary cat sees single as double.
Khosighingda aghrighing bolmisa, tavuz yeyixtin khorkhma. If your stomock doesn’t hurt, don’t afraid of eating watermelon.
Ghujamning khoxighi tokh, khuli bilen ixi yokh. If the boss is full, who cares the hungary slave.
Bu khulakhtin kirip u khulakhtin qikhmakh. Come in from one ear, get out from the other.
Kyqisi gep khilixsang khulakhni khulakh’kha yakh, kündüzi ge khilixsang aldi-keyningge bakh.
Khurukh östengge mirap bolmakh. In charge of the rever without water. (no actual power)
Khuyrukh körsitip öpke satmakh. Show sheep’s tail and sell its lung.
Elge khuxulsang er bolarsen, eldin ayrilsang yer bolarsen.
Elning khulighi ellik. Public has more ears. (one can’t hide from the public for the wrong doing)
Elge kirseng elingqe, sugha kirseng belingqe.
Elge bakh’khan har bolmas. Rely on public, makes your life easy.
Erni er khilghan hotun, yer khilghanmu hotun. A wife makes her husband a man, she can also makes her husband a jerk. (There is a woman behind every man)
Erzan göxning xorpisi yokh. Cheap meat does’t make good soup.
ölük dise görde yokh, tirik dese sanda yokh. Say he is dead, he is not in the tomb. Say he is alive, nobody knows him.(a very useless person).
Yahxi it ölügini körsetmeptu. Good dog doesn’t show its dead body.
Ya ölüm, ya körüm. Either die or live.
Kündüzi mang’ghan yilanning ömri khiskha. Snake that that out out the cave during the day can’t live too long.
Etiki khuyrukhtin bügünki opke yahxi. Today’s lung is better than tomorrow’s tail.(a slow remedy cannot meet an urgency)
östengde su taxsa ödekning mime pervayi. There is nothing do with a duck if the water is flooding from the river. (mind own business)
öydiki gep bazargha toghra kelmeptu. One cannot say family talk in the bazaar.
öxkining oqukh tursa heq gep yokh, khoyning eqilip khalsa hoyt-hoyt. There is no supprise if a goat flushes, everybody shouts when it happened to a sheep.
özengni er bilseng, özgini xir bil. If you treat yourself as a man, treat other people like a lion. (respect others more than yourself)
özini sorighan xeher soraptu. The one who is able to control himself is able to control a city.
özengni bil özgini khoy. Mind your own business, leave the others alone.
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