Wiz Khalifa Quotes

Quotes by Wiz Khalifa

“Its lonely at the top, I’m tired of having company” – This Plane

I got boat loads of brief cases, baskets of fruit.

“I wake up early morning to a fat blunt”

If you don’t smoke, I don’t know why.”

The only Deal or No Deal I know is the British game show

world cup. larry king. and superhigh

4:20am is for smokers only!

less do a hunnid..Yall ready for it?

in my head, running through all the things that wld be good to eat right now

good things come in good time

stay far from timid…only make moves if ya hearts in it. and live the phrase sky’s the limit

how many yall chicks thought yall wuz new new when atl came out?

id like to thank the congregation & my affiliation…to tha gangster nation!

waken…baken…my life my life my life my life, in the sunshine!

i like the south but i wont miss these bugs bru. flesh crazed insects that attack u soon as ur guards down. when u least expect it


im convinced we spilled all this liquor today, cuz if we drank it all…we’re in trouble

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134 Responses to Wiz Khalifa Quotes

  1. cory says:

    i like my weed rolled, my steak done properly, i put my team on now we own property.

    • christian weaver says:

      dats criss man

      • Laquesha Idqaf Sims says:

        ” Um That Is NOT Criss Man . . & Anyway wtf does that mean ? .

        • Sean Elmer says:

          basically it means he brought his crew (taylor gang) with him to the top and now they all have record deals and they are making money and livin life the way they want…that what all his songs are about makin money, smokin pot, and livin his life on his terms…i admire wiz khalifa for the way he does his thing…taylor gang or die

  2. Abby Karsten says:

    A best friend is like a book. The inside is better than the cover.

  3. quasiaa says:

    lifee isx what idd isx bruh lovee idd or hatee idd

  4. B*wize says:

    Sometimes I wanna meet the man, but my mind wanna stay youn like peter pan

  5. jamie1@2 says:

    boys are the opposite of sour patches sweet sour gone

  6. jasondaddieee says:

    lifee isntt nothingg butt takinggg babyy stepsss ‘

  7. Tia says:

    Love some , Like some , but trust none 🙂

  8. lorenzo htx says:

    its better to be pissed off then be pissed on

  9. Natalie Arriete says:

    *~ Without me your a dime, but with me your a buck fifty i can qet another wun quickly, See you be catchinq feelinqs now & i be catchinq planes, the story of my life, you’re just another pageee . Wiz Khalifaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  10. kita b. says:

    Dey say i’m moving 2 fast dn’t plan on changin my pace got one foot on da gas derez neva a need 4 breakz – wiz khalifa [taylor gang or die]

  11. Jatt says:

    bottles by the case, we aint gotta chase… for the love of money were in a million dollar race-wiz

  12. Gerardo Lopez says:

    Stay high and watch time fly beeeeeotch!

    • desiree plascencia says:

      some ppl are fake, jst lik dey say “oh i smoke blunts, kush, and all dat shyt” but dat not truth is dat deyre jst sayinq dat so dey can be koo, if you know wat i mean, come on ppl stop beinq two-face, fureal, which face shuld i slap first., jst stop beinq somethinq dat you were neva lik dat but if you choose dah wrong way yur fucked up. no lie, shyt happeneds to a lot of ppl, i mean if you choose to be a gangbanger itz noo good, i went thru diz shyt,.

  13. Jenna says:

    “I’m tatted on my arm, theres a portrait on my neck. my favorite color green cuz I’m all about paper. Gotta love wiz 😛

  14. courtney hollice says:

    – kush & oranqe juice ; <3

  15. badd bxtch says:

    talor gang or die. . . I wake up to kush && orange juice:)

  16. Whadduppp says:

    I don’t love, I don’t chase em, I duck em,
    Smoke somethin, go to a new state soon as I fk em.

    Wiz Khalifa – Mezmerized

  17. grant says:

    rockin yellow diamonds, so many rocks up in my watch i cant tell what the time is.

  18. Diyanté Dove says:

    If I were a lame, only just for a week. I’d look myself in the mirror and shoot the first thing I see.

    – Wiz

  19. brandi parker says:

    sayy yeahh ;, <3

  20. devin hunt says:

    im out here grindin like a pair of old brakes….

  21. PJ says:

    stay far from timid…only make moves if ya hearts in it. and live the phrase sky’s the limit
    this is Notorious B.I.G. lol still good though

  22. D-truth says:


  23. kristian says:

    lifes good songs feelin great. Shawty call my out of town…-ATL Free style

  24. evaa(: says:

    niggas hate they dont say it , but they think it. When yuu lamee icant hear what yuu saying when yuu speaking – WizKhalifa<3

  25. evaa(: says:

    Without me your a dime, but with me your a buck fifty.i can qet another onee
    quickly, See you be catchinq feelinqs now & i be catchinq planes,
    the story of my life, you’re just another page WizKhalifa ♥

  26. Honey Bee says:

    ” I don’t love em, I don’t chase em, I duck em”

  27. dgrow says:

    throwin hundreds on the floor i tell her keep count

  28. Savanah Maitlen says:

    im obsesssssed <3

    TaYlOR GaNg or DIIIEE!

  29. Bwess says:

    “FASt Cars with bad broads in them… I proceed to smoke these trees”
    “I take all I got and thats what I give”

    two most real lines I ever heard. haha Taylor Gang!!!!

  30. JENNIFER says:



  31. $haggy says:

    tatted like a mexican, fresher than a freshman.

  32. woodz says:

    money is green, weed is green and we proceed to do the same thing….haha…

  33. Jasmine says:

    “…all haters expose they self, so it’s best to leave ’em alone.”

  34. Shenea says:

    They say the game done changed, theres just some new players in it, n they dont wanna see my team get up there n win it, try to keep us still, look where im at now, done made it to far to look back down… and i aint never ever gone forget what ive been told n i aint never ever goin back to bein broke… cuz FYI i stay on my grind, try n stop my shine, that day’ll be NEVER EVER…

  35. LuIgI says:

    pocket full of benjamins; ho much aint a question

  36. romo says:

    young khalifa man…flyer than a ceiling fan

  37. G-shock , says:

    I Ont Love Em , Ion Chase Em , I Duck Em .

  38. Taydee'Baybee says:

    I Lovee Ehmm Forr Thee Thrill +&& Goodbyee : )!

  39. murrdauhhh says:

    got tha cars, got tha clothes, got tha money an tha hoes

  40. Caseeeeeeey says:

    <33 Wizzzz Khalifiaaaaaaa . !

  41. Wiz Khalifa says:

    red hat, black chucks, black 501’s…thats yo baby mama but her numbers in my iphone

    damn it feels good to be a taylor.. khalifafans.com

  42. Joe E. says:

    while your busy trying to fit in, ima stand out.

  43. AlexisAutopsyy says:

    “iMake Youur Man Feel Like He Gone Need A Chain For His Girl”


  44. johnnie says:

    “I dont say no homo cause i kno im not gay” – wiz

  45. Erick says:

    “lifes a game so im that level to get on ” (;

  46. asia says:

    Taylor Gang Or Kill Yourself Aha. * Love Wiz Khalifa !

  47. asia says:

    Towel Under The Door We Wasn’t Even Suppose To Smoke. -Never Been*Wiz Khalifa !
    -Love This Man Ha.

  48. Tdot says:

    Get a glimpse of how I’m livin
    Wiz khAlifa gets in to the money safe key

    Visions wiz khalifa

  49. C-up says:

    I’m not addicted I’m committed – Wiz Khalifa

  50. Steven miller says:

    Damn it feels go to be a Taylor!

  51. Erica K says:

    Everything i do, i do it big. -WizK♥

  52. mike1_6_9 says:

    Let me buy you a drink better yet a bottle, girl you look good you remind me of a model!-pedal to the metal/ Tylard all the wayyy.

  53. Mill says:


  54. kiii says:

    omg i love khalifa i know he coming up bout 2 be the biggest thing ever seen

  55. taylorgangthat! says:

    lames catch feelings, we catch flights!

  56. Taylor M. Stevens says:

    Taylor Gang Over E’rythan . You See The Ice and Lightss on My Spaceeship < 33-Wiz Khalifa (TGOD<33)

  57. M.Ward says:

    I’m blowin’ purp., no shirt
    Windows down, screamin’ “cash rules”, showin’ off my tattoos!

  58. mzthomaz says:

    we tangled like some cables from the front look in your eyes then i turn you like some tables

  59. bejealous says:

    Everything’s better when ur high,
    If u dont smoke i dont know why

  60. Marie.Mac says:

    Idnt love’em boi im beaken hearts

  61. Gabbby says:

    “Life’s Goood, So I’m Livin’ Greaaaat” (;

  62. TREll. says:

    you boys to FLY boud im a Taylor Gang JET.

  63. MsMarquesSs says:

    “I ain’t addicted – – I’m commited.”

  64. Taylor gang 101 says:

    Dream as if you’ll live forever… Live as if you’ll die today.

  65. wIZ kHaLiF says:

    Black and yellow black and yellow

  66. taylorgang 101 says:

    Whats taylorgang? It’s a lifestyle, It’s me and my Friends, and it’s all my fans that support me, we all reppin the taylor… Wiz Khalifa.

  67. paul vega says:

    im thinking toughts that are unthinkable

  68. Prophat says:

    the quote 4:20 am is for smocker only, where that came from ? (:

  69. Danee' Awesomee214 says:

    no keys, push to start =)

  70. Danee' Awesomee214 says:

    well, i lovee uu wiz !!!

  71. solo says:

    turtle gang or die

  72. Walshy says:

    A king not be mistaken for less
    this here is for the taking
    This is history in the making

  73. The Jake says:

    “So high off of life i make a hater catch a contact haaaaaaa

  74. Pappa ceesay says:

    It feels good to be a Taylor it’s pappa versatile

  75. -'alisha,! says:

    Don’t were the fitted i got the city on my Chaiin<$$;


    -Taylor'Ganqq er Die !

  76. shandel marie says:

    whiz khalifa got dat swagg. black and yellow, black and yellow!!!!!!!! yeah dem niggas def scared of but dem hoes ain’t!!! (;


  77. andre says:

    Wiz Khalifa papers smokin my favorite berries

  78. TyieshaMzKhalIfa says:


  79. Crystalckilluhh' says:

    Dont noww wahh’ theyy forr , im juss gettinn’ myy paperr , well maybee theyll lovee mee moree wenn im gonee , iDontt wanna leavee buhh’ ineed teww itss suchh a shamee (:
    -Babyy Daddyy ; Wiz Khalifaa <3

  80. Matt M says:

    Got a phone full of missed calls, my shit backed up.

  81. Matt M says:

    I’m here but my minds gone…

  82. ROm3 says:

    The marijuana loud so dem hoes follow like twitter, you know EverthiNg Taylor

  83. ROm3 says:

    That one look like this one, this one match that one, Fuck it… hahahaahhahaa Money, money, i got money hoes, money And hOes hahaahha

  84. Bryce says:

    “I got my winngss when i was young, so i tend to flyyyyyy”-wiz khalifa – Homicide
    “I got you staring, im at the bar, you tired of them lames you wanna be wit a star”-wiz khalifa – lose control
    “And these ED Hardy frames beleive me, my futures so bright i need these, excuse me”-wiz khalifa- superstar

  85. Waka Flocka Flame says:

    Yall yall aint got no game a shame of fame you going to do a damn thing drizzy drake im out

  86. taylor swearening says:

    hes my nigga .

  87. kelsey says:

    “Notice that first thought you wanna talk about your boyfriend
    Now everytime he callin’ you ignoring them
    Somewhere tasting trees
    Cat and mouse
    You chase me I’ll chase this cheese
    While we’re young, one”

  88. Saraaa (: says:


  89. roger says:

    When you around the real you keep it real everyday, My niggas keep it real so I hear what they say, Either you getting paid or you paying to play, Either you on your grind or you stay out the way.

  90. jennicat says:

    i got $$MONEY$$ & HOESS.$$MONEY$$ & HOES!

  91. Kari says:

    I don’t wanna date you, I just wanna take you home and do some grown folks can relate to. Bitch imma play you I would hate to, But as long as you stay koo. . We should be straight Boo
    Wiz Khalifa MAYNEEE!!! =]

  92. Wendyy. says:

    Say I’m living too fast, don’t plan on changing my pace- Wiz Khalifa <3
    Love My Khalifa. (:

  93. kaitlin elizabeth. says:

    A guy who truly loves his girl doesn’t
    need to unbutton her shirt to have a better
    view of her heart – Wiz Khalifa <33

  94. ~Savannahhhh~ says:

    girls fall in love with what they hear, boys fall in love with what they see; that’s why girls wear make up and boys lie.
    – Wiz Khalifa ♥

  95. Rami says:

    I just made use another plane, And poured us some champagne, As soon as we finished she was screaming out taylor game..

    In The Cut

  96. Kaitlyn, says:

    ~”You Don’t Have To Like Me, I’m Not A Facebook Status.”
    -Wiz Khalifa<3

    *Gotta lovve Wiz!;p

  97. taylorgangordie11 says:

    don’t care what they say, reach for the stars, got what you always dreamed about and everyone knows who you are. -Cameras

  98. Nicky Nick says:

    i like my weed rolled,
    my steak done properly,
    i put my team on ,
    now we own the property,

    yyaayyuurr ,,taylor gang <3
    gotta <3 wiz khalifa 😀

  99. david says:

    i will like to be like wiz

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